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external calls not being completed on an MRP300 gateway...

Hey All -

Here is a tricky one.

I have an ICS-7750 Analog bundle package that I installed for a customer. This is a basic design with 6 analog lines terminated at the 8-port FXO VWIC and all are set up by the Telco to just roll over ...if one is busy, all calls roll to the next phone #. I have my MRP blade configured for H323 to support caller ID and I have each of the voice ports set with a "connection plar (#)" statement pointing to extension 350. Extension 350 is tied to a CTI Route Point that is set to "Forward All Calls to extension 200" Extension 200 is my voicemail pilot port. Now, I have this set up in order to forward all external calls to Unity Opening Greeting to pick up the call first, followed by the call ringing extension 301, which is the actual IP phone of the Receptionist desk. Here is the the owner says that calls are intermittent with attendent other words, an external call comes in and sometimes Unity answers after 2 rings, the way I have it configure and sometimes it just rings continually without being picked up at all. I need some help on this one, filks.


Rob H.



Re: external calls not being completed on an MRP300 gateway...

As this involves various components in the ICS box, I would suggest you to enable the appropriate debug/traces at various points like the MRP, CM, etc., and isolate the cause.

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Re: external calls not being completed on an MRP300 gateway...

If you want to forward all your call to unity at the first place than you should set connection Plar to 200. If I am correct, you want to forward all your external calls to Unity first and than incase someone want to reach to operator it will ring that extension if they press 0.How many ports do you have on unity ? How many voicemail ports have you configured in call manager? If you have only one port than it may be a problem.

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