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External voice mail or external IVR

has any one had any problems with a 3640 gateway with a pri connection to the upstream switch running 122-15.T1 with mgcp from callmanager 3.3 with patch 3.3.2 spB? All calls in and out seem fine if you are calling a person. If you are calling a voicemail system or ivr the other ned does not seem to hear the dtmf tones. If you call a phone the person at the other end can hear the dtmf. It is kinda of weird once a user calls the ivr and keys any thing in the system stops talking like it heard the tones but the sounds from the remote end never seem to come backto the ip phone after any digits are entered. I ahve checked the bugs but nothing is listed.

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Re: External voice mail or external IVR

Do you have all the progress indicator Tones set in the Gateway? So the IP-Phone is calling the IVR across the PSTN or through your local switch?

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Re: External voice mail or external IVR

The progress indicator tone are set correct. there is not a problem with ring back. I did find a bug relating to the dtmf digit transport out of band. so I am going to switch it inband and try again.

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