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FAC and CMC For Route Point


I want my customers to dial a PSTN number; lets say 9.XXX and enter their FAC or CMC code ; then I want to redirect the call to IPCX and do a database look up on a Database where all XXX = "Company related PSTN numbers" , based on the result let that call to happen or reject the call ,

The problem I am facing here is

1. Seems like FAC and CMC can only be activated on Route pattern- No CTI route points ( IPCX Interconnect )

2. I cant Have Wilde Card for CTI RP directpory number , like 9.XXXXXXX so I can redirect Called Number to IPCX and do a database look up ( I know there can be Get_Digit_String in Cra Script but I want to reduce the steps a customer has to take to place an outbound call )

Please Advice


Re: FAC and CMC For Route Point

I would like to inform you that:

1.FAC and CMC is not supported in H.323.

2.We need to give the partition (implementing the FAC and CMC) precedence in the calling search space of the phone.

3.For FAC we need to enter unique code name.

Since call is completing without the codes being asked for which means it is not hitting the right route pattern on which FAC and CMC is enabled. So make sure the partition on which the CMC and FAC enabled route pattern has been enabled gets precedence in the calling search space.

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