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Factory reset of a 7960

need to perform a factory reset so as to manually configure a 7960. The reset used to be hold down hash on re-power and then enter 123456789*0#, but our phones are running an 804 signed load, and this sequence fails at 123, then continues with the boot. any idea what the new sequence is?


Re: Factory reset of a 7960

Can you get to the Erase Configuration option in the settings menu as detailed in the following link?

Hope this helps.


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Re: Factory reset of a 7960

Hi, Afraid i can't. I get the light flashing in sequence, and an indication on the phone that the reset sequence has been entered, but after digit 1,2,3... the phone continues with the boot sequence. On earlier signed phone loads this worked a treat but since we loaded the 804 things have stopped, so i assume the sequence had changed.

Reason i need to do this is that i need to be able to connect the phone directly via a Cat (2950) to a CCM, with no router, so can't use DHCP / option 150 etc. I need to manually insert the IP and CCM data.



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Re: Factory reset of a 7960


Pls. try to connect the Phone directly to a pc that have a TFTP software and the load you want on the directory of the tftp software.

Always work on me!

Hope this helps you.


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Re: Factory reset of a 7960

after hours, it's resolved. here's what i did to bring a phone back to default that had a password to unlock the net config.

1. boot phone without net connection and view the existing network config loaded from flash: ip add, mask, gateway, ip add of tftp server, MAC address of phone.

2. config a 2 x FE interface router to match the configs from the phone.

3. one FE router int connects to your PC running TFTP server. the other will connect to the phone.

4. in TFTP root directory, place the OS79XX.TXT, MGCDefault.cnf, MGC.cnf files.

the OS79XX.TXT file should only have the name of the software. ex. P0M3-06-3-00

the other 2 files only contain the following:

image_version: P0M3-06-3-00

phone_password: "123456"

connect all devices and ping the phone from the switch to verify it can get to the TFTP server.

boot the phone and it will get the config file, verify this through the TFTP window that it grabbed the files. Give a little time and reboot the phone without the network connection. the phone now has the password you supplied to unlock the net config section and erase the config on the phone.

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Re: Factory reset of a 7960

Thanks for posting this info that I've rated. One tool more to debrick stubborn phones.

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