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Failed Install of Unity 3.1

Failed Install of Unity 3.1

We have a failed install of Unity 3.1(3) on our Lab MCS 7835 server and need assistance.

We ran the server OS and all other software in the Bundle. - O/S, SQL, Exchange 5.5 administrator, PCanywhere (with reg. hack for dual processor) Permissions Wizard on the install account, installed Unity 3.1(3) - No error messages during install

Setup - can not connect to SQL

All AV... Services were set to log on as Local. Changed AV services to use the account that installed Unity. "could not start the AvGaenSvr service on the local computer. Error2: The system cannot find the file specified "

We are also having error messages when we attempt to start the AvCsMgr service.

We searched Tempu.log for " (error) " like DBwalker but did not find any errors.

We can email or Post Tempu.log if needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Re: Failed Install of Unity 3.1

This post resolved this issue:

lindborg - CISCO SYSTEMS

Aug 13, 2002, 8:36am PST

That's a bit odd... there should be a UnityDB database in there with all the tables and some default objects that the configuration setup then pushes to the directory (i.e. example admin, unaddressed messages DL etc...). the only reason I can think for this to fail is if you were not logged in as a member of the local admins group (built ins for a DC) and didn't have proper read/write access to SQL - however sysCheck should have caught it in that case.

Try firing up the ConfigMgr.exe under the \commserver directory and running each of the first 7 options in order from the top down (database schema script, datbase extended script, configure database schema, run database localization prep script, run database configuration script, run rules configuration script, run schedules configuration script) and see if it creates the tables properly or throws up an error... if it creates the stuff properly go ahead and also select the "configure default location" option and then try the configuration step again.

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