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Failover Issues

I have a customer who lost power to both of their Call Managers last night. The power was out for 2 hours and the UPS's are only good for about an hour. Anyways, when the power came back on all the phones in the network came up with "Registration Rejected". They have one big flat network and all buildings have their own voice vlan. They have Gig between buildings. All the phones try to register with the Subscriber first then they try the Publisher. To get all the phones back up I first rebooted the Publisher then I rebooted the Subscriber. Any ideas as to why this happened?

Cisco Employee

Re: Failover Issues

I am wondering if maybe when the power came back on, the subscriber booted before the publisher was up enough for database replication to get going, and the subscribers Database Layer Monitor had sucked in a blank database where no phones were registered. I am pretty much grasping at straws here since it is pretty hard to figure out what was actually happening without looking at the state of the CallManagers during this period and looking at trace files.

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