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Failover on h323 gateway


we have a publisher and a subscriber (CCM 3.1.3c), call processing is done on the subscriber. When we downed the subscriber the phones failed over to the publisher. At this point we were able to make internal calls, receive external(incoming) calls but not make them (it sounded like number unobtainable tone immediately after the 9 was pressed).

The dial-peer is as follows:

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 9T

progess_ind alert enable 8


port 1/1:15

this looks OK, could it be configuration in the call manager?

or what?

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Re: Failover on h323 gateway

GENERALLY the issue is the other way around calls coming in from PSTN during failover fail.

The call proceding timer times out before matching the second dial-peer this is obviously not your case.

And it doesnt sound like a DB replication issue unless changes have been made on the PUB and replication was broken so the changes never got replicated to the SUB.

No point running debugs on the h.323gw because the call doesnt get that far these are good options in other circumstanes its just good to be aware that you can look at the call setup h.225 and h245 capabilities exchange on the fly if you needed to.

In your situation

The best thing to do is turn on detailed trace on the PUB make a call and then open the trace and see why it is failing open the CCM text file press ctrl f search for extension and look at the failure it is obviously matching something .The trace should tell you why.

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Re: Failover on h323 gateway

In addition to Allen's comments, I would quickly issue a "debug voip ccapi inout" on the gateway and issue a call (observing the output, if any) to be 100% certain it is not a gateway issue. If you see any output at all on your terminal, chances are your gateway is the source. Once you've determined it is CM, then you can proceed with your trace files and a clear mind knowing the problem exisits in CM.

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