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Failover Replication of PDS1.txt

I continue to have a problem with failover on Unity 3.1(5) with Exch 55. When in failover mode, inbound calls are accepted and the handler responds with generic prompts rather than subscriber recorded and specified prompts. All configuration seems correct, and I've used tech notes and white papers referenced by this forum in the recent past - along with TAC, to implement the failover configuration (including CM 3.3(2c) AdvancedCallHopFlag service parameter to True) in Unity and CM.

What I am seeing on the failover server (Unity-2) is an event application log error that reports PDS1.txt and SDS1.txt in the \commserver\snapshot dir are out of sync. When I check the dir contents, it is empty. I manually copied the PDS1.txt from Unity-1 to Unity-2, and it immediately created the SDS-1.txt file. The SDS1.txt file began as a 0K file and expanded to larger than the PDS1.txt, then both files disappeared. The disappearance appears to correlate to a Logmgr Pumpeventlogdata error in the Unity-1 application event. I can't find any documentation on the underlying process(s) or why the replication process does not maintain the PDS1 and SDS1 files. Is there anything obvious I'm missing?

Thanks, Steve Sutton (

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Re: Failover Replication of PDS1.txt

The failover system is attempting to replicate files between your Unity1 and Unity2. Make sure the commserver\shapshot directory is accessible to both Unity servers from either system. Directory permissions can sometimes be the cause of problems here.

Cisco Employee

Re: Failover Replication of PDS1.txt

correction - that dir is commserver\sNapshot

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