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Failover when primary Unity is a domain controller


I have a Unity 3.1.5 installed on a domain controller.

Exchange 2000 is installed on a separate server.

There are more domain controllers in the domain.

I have to install second Unity server for failover.

As much as I know, you can not implement failover if your

primary Unity box is domain controller.

What would be the best scenario to implement failover in

this situation?

Emil Dimitrov

Cisco Employee

Re: Failover when primary Unity is a domain controller

You are correct - having Unity also be teh domain controller in a failover situation is not a good idea since if it goes down the backup Unity server wont have DC access (assuming it was using the other Unity box as a DC).

There _are_ sites that have both their primary and secondary Unity servers both act as domain controllers on their own such that when one goes down the other isn't affected. This is ok insofar as it goes but in general it's not a good idea to have Unity acting as it's own domain controller if you can help it since the overhead involved in that is something to be avoided. There's nothing that would stop this from working, however... if it were me I'd have the DC/GC on a seperate server - apart from both Unity servers.

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