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Failure to eject 4mm tape

CCM server (Publisher) fails to relinquish control and eject back-up tape media. All indicators illuminated (solid) but yet tape fails to eject. Is a hard reset required to relinquish the media?

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Re: Failure to eject 4mm tape

Are you getting any error messages? I had an instance a few years back with an MCS-7835. I tried resetting with no luck. Ended up having to RMA a replacement tape drive from cisco, since the tape was stuck and i couldn't get it out.

New Member

Re: Failure to eject 4mm tape

No error msgs thatI have identified as relevant to this issue. I too have been instructed by CISCO to acquire the SN of both the MCS-7835 as well as th tape drive for possible RMA. I hate to jump the gun and make that move when it is possible to extract and clean the drive. I have had this issue once before and a hard reset did clear the tape as it was not a boot drive, mechanically it released the tape on reboot.

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