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Fast busy when calling out using SoftPhone 1.3

Hello! I've googled the heck out of this issue we are having and haven't had any luck.

We recently started deploying Cisco Softphones to some users for testing, everything seems to work fine except that whenever they need to call an outside line, they always get a Fast Busy tone, what they have to do is that they have to hit 9 first then hit enter, then start keying in the phone number they want to call. Dialing any internal number works without any issues.

Can someone please point me in the right direction on where to check? I though it might be on the calling search space but it is configured with the same as the IP phones we have inside the office.

Running on Cisco Call Manager 3.3(5)SR1



Re: Fast busy when calling out using SoftPhone 1.3

How are the people dialing the numbers? Are they hitting new call (Dial-Tone) then dialing or typing in the number hitting enter? Make sure you have no dial-patterns with 9 enabled.. if so predot the 9.. It sounds like you have a dialplan problem...What about IP-IP calling without softphone. Does it work? If so, match the Partitions and CSS up to the softphone.. Make sure your not getting a codec mismatch problem (Very Slim). Try running ethereal and verify what Skinny, RTP are doing....

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