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Fax and Dual integration with CM and PBX

I have got dual integration CM and PBX with Unity. I am adding the fax module to this environment. I am getting a new server for the fax. What licensing I should have to support this environment. I am planning to <br>On the new fax server<br>1-Install NT sp6 <br>2- Run Unity setup only the fax option on the new fax server<br>3-Run Unity setup only the fax option on the voice mail server(specify the fax server name during setup)<br>My understanding for licensing is<br>The FAX on the voicemail server should say 255 and on the fax server should indicate the actual no of ports that I have on the fax server.<br>My no for the fax ID all come from the PBX. How do the PBX and Call Manager communicates. This s a unified messaging environment. We have TTS. Will IP phones be able to read faxes? I want to know how this PBX and CM dual integration works and then adding fax to the whole mess. In general <br>Limitations,<br>Workarounds,<br>Any know issues<br>Thanx<br><br><br>Sean Poure<br>NEC-Voice Engineering<br>Sr. Systems Engineer<br>714 4846275<br>

Sean Poure

Re: Fax and Dual integration with CM and PBX

OK... several unrealted questions buried in here... please be sure to post seperate posts for seperate questions. It makes it easier for folks to find answers to their own questions later.

First, yes, the security key on the Unity server itself in a dual box fax integration should have "255" for the fax ports. This indicates to Unity that it should be looking for a connection to a remote fax server... this connection is not used to send/receive faxes, but to get/set information about the cover sheet, "peek" in the fax queue etc... sending and receiving faxes happens independantly through the fax gateway installed by the fax server.

yes, you fax installation steps are correct.

I'm not sure what you're asking about how the CM and PBX communicated... they don't. We can transfer calls between them if you have trunks setup to do so (the trunk codes to get from the PBX to the CM and vice versa are on the switch setup pages). If you don't configure that then users that call into an analog line will not be able to transfer to folks with an IP phone and user that call into an IP line (a uOne port to be specific) wont be able to transfer to a PBX phone. Depends on what you want to do...

this, of course, has nothing at all to do with fax since fax calls all need to come directly into the analog/DID fax lines (depending on what kind of card you have in the fax server). In most cases those fax lines come in from the CO DID and the fax server gets the information from there which is uses to determine which mailbox to forward the fax to. There is no interaction at all between IP phones and the fax server. The FAX ID value is simply used to route inbound faxes (i.e. the last 4 digits of the DID number dialed will be used to lookup the FAX ID of the user who was the intended destination for the inbound fax).

Yes, IP phones will have no trouble reading TTs messages, however there is a known problem with supporting G729a with TTS... the TTS engines are all hard coded to spit out G711 so if you're calling from a phone that can't support G711, the TTS messages simply wont play. We're working on converting their stream for them on the fly, but I don't know when a patch will be available for that.

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