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Fax Between VG248 - VG224

I have issue with fax between VG248 & Vg224. We can receive fax when we dial our 10 digit number on bothe of them, but when we try to send fax internall, the Fax machines answers and becomes silient .

Any one faced this probelm. I have chekced the CSS & partitions and all are set properly

thank you for your answer

Cisco Employee

Re: Fax Between VG248 - VG224

Hi, Let us fist find out if phone calls are possible between the same two end points. If that is not possible, check CSS, partition, locations, codec etc..

If phone calls work, and only faxes fail, check when they fail. Do they fail after training?

If they train and then fail, we possibly have an issue with incorrect fax codec being downloaded. Things to check would be

1. make sure you explicitly disable fax relay 248 does not support fax relay and so there should be no incompatibility.

2. Turn of echo cancellers.

3. Turn off VAD

4. Use only G711.

Finally, it is worth looking at:

If they do not even train, then, we have to look at CCM debugs to determine why the destination fax machine does not send a 2100 hz tone. It is possible that we do not intercept the tone.

New Member

Re: Fax Between VG248 - VG224

Thank you for the response.

I have checked the CSS & partion and all are correct. And when you dial the number I get intial fax tone and then nothign happnes.

I will check the above parameters again and revert with teh latest

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