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Fax Maker

Howdy<br><br>We got a prospect who wants to use FaxMaker as the third party fax driver. Can we get along with this? Will we integrate our TUI with it?<br><br><br><br>


Re: Fax Maker

Hey Harley.

I have no heard of that particular fax server, however Unity can support any kind of fax server that meets a couple basic requirements:

1. It must have an Exchange gateway.
2. It must be able to handle forwarding emails to that gateway in the format "[FAX:Name@delivery number]"
3. It must have a unique message class that identifies the message in your inbox as a fax.

Unity can support adding any number of additional message classes to our list we filter your inbox on, so usually it's just a matter of sending a test fax, looking at it's message class, adding it to our registry and you're good to go.

I’m assuming this fax server has an Exchange gateway. To test #2, just grab any email client and attempt to send an email to an address in that format. You should see the fax server attempt to dial out to that number.

Finally, send a fax inbound and make sure it delivers it to an Exchange mailbox. Open Outlook for that mailbox and check the message class. We need to add that message class to the registry on the Unity box and restart.

If the message class is unique and the send fax (#2) works, you’re golden. You should be able to get faxes, delivery them and fax your email out over the phone.

Every fax server deals with attachments different so there’s also a way on the Unity box you can decide which email attachments we send through, but usually the defaults are what you want to stick with (*.TIF, *.TXT and *.BMP work for all fax servers). If you need to adjust that for any reason you can.

If this works out for you, contact us and we can add the new fax message class to our list of supported types installed by default.

Jeff Lindborg


Re: Fax Maker

Cool. This install is a prospect, might be some months away, but we'll get back to ya eventually.

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