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Faxserver Problem

I have a customer that wants to use DID's to access their fax server. I am looking at rightfax. My question is can the customer use thier existing pri for this. And if so, how? I spoke with rightfax and they said i needed a 4port DID trunk card. Can I plug these ports into fxs ports and map the did's to the fxs ports. If I do this will the trunk card in the faxserver see what DID number is calling. Another option is getting a 4port did trunk from the phone company and plugging it into the 4port card on the fax server. I dont' want to have to do that. I just wanted to see if anyone using rightfax had any input. Thanks.

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Re: Faxserver Problem

I am using Lightning Fax for my users and I am using

DID's as fax numbers. I have the 4 port FAX card plugged into 4 FXS ports on a VG200 and the VG200 passes on the DID info to the FAX server.

In the FAX server you configure your routing to users based on the DID you assign them.

I am very sure you can use your FAX server to do this.

I hope that help.


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Re: Faxserver Problem

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Re: Faxserver Problem

You can use an analog DID card to FXO port on a Cisco gateway. Assign a pool of DIDs from the PRI and point them to the FXO port. DID information will be sent to the analog DID board via DTMF. You will need another card for outgoing FAXs. Brooktrout does make a combo card with one port of each. The outgoing FAXs will queue but you may need more analog DID ports if you expect a lot of incoming FAXs.



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Re: Faxserver Problem

I too am looking at integrating a Rightfax server into a Cisco Catalyst 6000 24 port FXS Gateway. Our Rightfax server is currently on a separate pri did trunk and the power(42 volts) is supplied by the BrookTrout TR114+2PL card and power adaptor.

1) Is it possible to integrate these two systems, and

2) does it still require the power adaptor to service the link?



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