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File Not Found: SEP001EF728F97B.cnf.xml


I have recently rolled out CCM 6.1 with roughly 800 IP Phones from 7910, 12, 40 & 60 all of which have registered fine against the Sub. The customer has asked for a test bed for IPMA using 3 7960G Phones, when the phones register they always register against the Pub and do not get updates with the URL services. I have checked and the CCM groups, DP, device and lines are the same between a working phone and the new phone -

Under the device logs l am getting the following error -

status message -


File Not Found: SEP001EF728F97B.cnf.xml

debug display -

File Not Found: SEP001EF728F97B.cnf.xml

File Not Found: SEP001EF728F97B.cnf.xml

2008-08-19 08:14:16.990 Code:8108, P:0, S:12300800

I have tried going into the service parameters and changing the advanced to "build all" and restarted the TFTP services, but it does not register to the correct CCM.

Phone details are -

MAC Address 001EF728F97B

Host Name SEP001EF728F97B

Phone DN 3140

App Load ID P00308000800

Boot Load ID PC0303010200

Version 8.0(8.0)


Re: File Not Found: SEP001EF728F97B.cnf.xml

If all of the required files are not copied to flash, the IP phones do not register to Cisco CallManager Express, and the File not found error message appears

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

Go to Service > Service Parameter > Service* > Cisco TFTP.

Click the Advanced button. Set the Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup, as well as Enable Caching of Configuration Files to False.

Go to Cisco Call Manager Serviceability > Tools > Control Center. Re-start the TFTP service.

If you continue to have problems with a particular phone, the configuration file might be corrupted.

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