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New Member

Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

Hi all, I've just had a very bad experience with this firmware thought I'd share it...

What's happening is that when the phones are first started, and intermittently after that, each page request the phones makes, causes IIS to generate a new Session object.

Looking at the packet trace it's obvious what is going on:

When the phones are occasionally working correctly they send a Header:

"Cookie: ASPSESSIONIDCSAATTRD=ENA etc..." with every request.

When the phones are not working the rest of the headers are the same, but there is no Cookie: header, as a consequence IIS responds with a Set-Cookie: header that the phones ignore...

The worst thing about this whole episode? Cisco have documented the bug in the release notes in such a way that you can't tell there's a problem, See below...

So has anyone else seen this behaviour? Got any better workarounds than waiting 30 minutes! Know when this is going to be fixed?




After entries are added to the Phone Address Book, access to those entries intermittently fails.

After subscribing the Cisco IP Phone to the Phone Address Book service and adding entries using Cisco CallManager, details of the entries cannot be displayed on the phone. When you attempt to either see the details of an entry or add a new entry to the phone, the error message "error-1[internal error]List is not a part of the session" is displayed.

Workaround: Reload the phone and wait 30 minutes; you should then be able to access the Personal Address Book service.

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New Member

Re: Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

It also appears that posting execute items to the phone has been broken, since upgrading, code that used to work fine with firmware P00303010107 now fails.

When I post an execute item containing an url to the phone, with the proper authentication headers, all that happens is the phone drops the tcp connection!


New Member

Re: Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

It's been a while and no replies, so I'm assuming no one else is seeing these kind of problems. Is it possible that our using CM3.1 has something to do with this? I thought the only interaction the phone would make with call manager on receipt of an ExecuteItem would be to authenticate.

To this end I've modified the authenticate.asp to automatically respond with AUTHORIZED when it string matches the UserID of our application. This works fine with the old firmware (much quicker) but has no effect on the problems with the newest firmware.

If anyone is willing to troubleshoot this then network traces are available.



New Member

Re: Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

I've encountered similar problem. I've already changed the authenticate.asp to AUTHORIZED too, but the phone seems could not accept HTTP request occassionally. The point is, we don't know when this would happen.

After power reset, the problem seems to go away. But after a while, it happens again.

Do u have any hints on that ?



New Member

Re: Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

Hi there

I too am experiencing problems with session variables being dropped and reset.

I was curious as to whether you have found a workaround to this?



New Member

Re: Firmware P00305000300 breaks session cookies on 7940's

Hi Greg,

The workaround was to just use the IIS application object instead of the session one. As I am only storing name/value pairs, no objects, it was a simple matter to prefix all the names with the clients IP. Obviously this wont work if your clients are behind a NAT gateway and I now have to update a timestamp when any values change so as to implement a session timeout. But it works well enough, until there's a fix available that is...