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Firmware Update 7940/7960

Problems with the firmware update of version P00303030202 on P00303030401.

CCM 3.3.(2)

Here the details.

1. Update in accordance with Instruction for update Cisco accomplished (on Publisher and Subscriber).

2. IPphones (7940) again started (RESETS).

3. after 60 minutes of firmware version for 7940/7960 on CCM reset on... 0202.

Problem: 7940 have the firmware in the status still ...0401, come however not to the net (Status: "Configure IP").

Several attempts with restart, static attitudes remained unsuccessful.

How can I delete the firmware on the IPPhone?

About a fast proposal for solution I would be pleased.


Re: Firmware Update 7940/7960

Try with the latest phone load available in the Software center which will have fix for the resetting of the phones.

I think the firmware cannot be deleted only it can be upgraded. If you delete the firmware the IP phone will become useless.

Check the below links for the upgrade .

If you try to downgrade you will face some issues as explined in the below link.

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Re: Firmware Update 7940/7960


where can i found the last firmware for 7914?

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Re: Firmware Update 7940/7960

The 7960 firmware files automatically encapsulate and upgrade the 7914 firmware - at least they always have for me :-)

Ken Johnson

LeTourneau University


Dir. Communications

Cisco IP Telephony Users Group

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