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Follow-Me Function

Okay, here is another question. We have a couple of people who want to be able to call-foward there phone remotly from another phone on the CallManager System. I told them to use the CallManager User Interface on the web, but they also want to be able to do it on the phone.



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Re: Follow-Me Function

Use Extension Mobility

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Re: Follow-Me Function

Yep, sdrennan is correct.

If you use Extention Mobility, your users will be able to log on to a remote phone - thus taking their numbers with them - or perhaps log-in, setup the CallForwardAll function, and logout again (I guess it should work, I've never tried it).

Without Extention Mobility, or the use of the CCMUser function, I don't think they've got a hope.

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Re: Follow-Me Function

You can also use Personal Assistant 1.2 to do this. When you call the PA number and identify yourself by speaking your name and PIN (or dialing them with the keypad) one of the commands you can speak is "Follow Me" which will allow you to forward your extension to another number.

Also, there is probably a way with the CRA software (IP IVR) by using database dips to identify a caller, and then update the database to forward one number to another. But this is not nearly as clean as one of the other options presented in this thread.

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