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force a DN to use a specified pots


How can i force a DN to use a specified dial pots to access PSTN( i have 2 pri and a fxo and i want DN XXX uses fxo port)


Re: force a DN to use a specified pots

You can force it:

The first dial-peer the most restrictive, for instance, if you want the DN 111 to use the fxo port:

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 111

port 1/0 -->(fxo)


And the others DNs:

dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 1/0:15 -->(pri)



Hope this helps. if so pls rate pots

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Re: force a DN to use a specified pots

I assume you are using CallManager.

You could create a new set of Partition, CSS, Route ...

On that DN line, you would have it using the new CSS, which try to use a route pattern in a new Partition, which would point to the new and restricted route list, which points to new route group which only have fxo ports.

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Re: force a DN to use a specified pots

Also, if you are in a situation where you have a 1FB and are NOT getting DNIS from the carrier, just use the connectin plar and attach it to the voice port you want the traffic to ring down to. Examlpe:

PSTN -----FXO - -V-GW-----FXS

on the FXO,

voice-port 0/0/1

connection plar opx 555


dial-peer voice 555 pots

incoming called-num 555

port 0/1/0 (FXS port)

Re: force a DN to use a specified pots

You'll need a h323 gateway with Call Manager. In the h323 gateway create some translation patterns for inbound calls via voip. For example; Extension 111 is the line with the assigned to a certain pots.

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^9/ /19/

voice translation-profile PSTN-OUTPOTS1

translate called 1

dial-peer voice 111 voip

answer-address 111

translation-profile incoming PSTN-OUTPOTS1

dial-peer voice 112 pots

destination-pattern 19T

translate-outgoing 1

port 0/1/0

If its with a Call Manager Express device, you'll need to use the truck command. This will allow you to assign a dn to a certain pots line. Its really easy..

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