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Forward a Message

One user responded that he had received a message, he then selected 5 to forward the message. He then recorded an introduction and forwarded it to a subscriber. The system then prompted him if he wanted to send it to additional people. When he tried following the prompts, he was in a loop and at one point, the system asked him to select * for more options and at that time, the message had been cancelled. Can you forward the message using 5 rather than 4 . . . to more than one person? Please advise. Thank-you<br><br>


Re: Forward a Message

Sure, you should be able to do anything with a message multiple times until you move on or delete it.

After forwarding or replying to the message you'll be dropped back into the after message action menu and you can forward/reply to it again, to multiple people at the same time or individually (i.e. if you wanted to record a different appended message for different recipients).

I didn't have a problem with this on my test box today. If you confirm there's some problem here, let me know what version they're on and perhaps a more specific call flow scenario and I can look into it.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Forward a Message

We have 2.4 version. This is when the problem occurs:

A user forwards a message by pressing 5.
The user enters the extension to forward the message and presses # when done recording.
The user then selects to record an introduction to the message.
After recording, they have an option 1 for messaging.
When they select messaging options, the prompt is for address 1, rerecord 2 and special delivery 3.
(The user at this time wants to add additional addresses in which to forward the message with the introduction) so
the User selects 1 for address

THIS IS WHEN THE PROBLEM OCCURS: They are then prompted to add a name, remove a name, send as is or SELECT "*" for messaging options. When * is SLECTED, the system says your forwarding message has been cancelled.

Can you explain? Thank-you

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