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Forward Messages

We are using Unity Version 3.1(1). I have two questions regarding forwarding a message to another user.<br><br>1. Is there a way to forward a message to another subscriber during the message playback? When I try to press 5 while it is playing, nothing happens. After the message finishes - it works fine.<br><br>2. We are using Unified messaging with Exchange 2000. A lot of our users listen to their voice mail through Outlook. When they forward a voice mail to another user, it is not treated as a voice mail, but as an email. If the new user is out of the office and just calls in to check voice mail (We do not give most users access to text to speach), they have no knowlege of the forwarded email/voicemail. Is there any way around this?<br><br>Thanks<br>Steve<br><br>


Re: Forward Messages

1. there isn't a key active during message playback that directly jumps to the forward message conversation. You have to get to the after-message-menu to gain access to that. You can skip to the end of the message using # and then forward the message (i.e. it behaves like a two key action).

2. You need to have VMO installed on the Outlook clients to preserve the message class and media flags on the mail that Unity uses to consider a message voice mail as opposed to email. Outlook by default will tag all forwarded messages as IPM.Note (default email message class). If you have VMO installed and forward a voice mail the IPM.Note.Voice.Unity class is preserved and the target email box will pick it up as voice mail.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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