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Forward Voicemail messages to Lotus/Exchange


We have a Unity 4.0 (VM-only) and want the voicemail messages to be forwarded to Lotus/Exchange...

I think it can be done via a smtp connector?

Can someone help me out by providing the exact steps to accomplish this, including subscriber setup?



Cisco Employee

Re: Forward Voicemail messages to Lotus/Exchange

The problem with just moving or copying messages from the Exchange mailboxes that Unity is monitoring for subscribers to another external system is that their states will not synchronize with one another. So if you move messages to the remote store you will no longer have access to them over the phone and your MWI will go off etc… If you copy them to a remote store then once they are read/deleted in that remote store, you’ll still have the original messages hanging out in the Exchange inboxes we’re looking at – not ideal.

The Cisco Unity Inbox (also called Visual Messaging Interface or VMI) is probably the best solution for what you want to do. In short you set up a text notification device for subscribers (called the “Text for VMI” notification device) and when new messages are sent in and email is sent to the SMTP address you provide for the user that contains a hyper link to the web based inbox viewer provided – this way if you’re using another messaging system or the like you can get email notification of new messages arriving and provide a visual way to get at them – doing it this way keeps the mail store in shape and provides consistency between desktop and phone access interfaces.

The Cisco Unity Inbox is a licensed feature so you’ll have to get a license that includes some seats for it to use it.

For more details check out the Unity 4.0(3) administration guide. Chapter 8 covers setting up client applications including the PCA (which includes the Unity inbox):

And chapter 17 covers setting up notification devices:

hope that helps.

Community Member

Re: Forward Voicemail messages to Lotus/Exchange

As an alternative to Jeff's suggestion ( which makes the most sense)One way this can be done allowing access to voicemail from the phone and the enterpise email server/client is to

on the VM only unity server create a mail enabled contact in AD on the unity server.

Then on the subscriber properties in the Unity AD go to Exchange general and select delivery options and select the forward to and use the mail enbled contact you created in AD.

Then also select deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox.

The voicemail will then be available via the phone and in the users email box provided that

unity can make an smtp connection to the remote mail system.

No connector required. Not sure if this is a supported config but it works well. The issue is then that you would need to delete each message from both locations

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