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Forward Voicemail to another Subscriber

Was wondering if it is possible to forward voicemails to another subscriber on a differenty Unity system in the same exchange site or even across different exchange sites in the same org? Would I be using locations to allow for the forwarding? Also, is there any way to change the forward voicemail option from matching names to just entering and extension for the subscriber you are forwarding the message to?<br><br>


Re: Forward Voicemail to another Subscriber

yes and yes.

To swtich from name addressing to ID addressing (or back) over the phone you can hit "##" to swtich. To change the default you can adjust it in the SA/AA on the conversations page.

in 2.x to address messages to other users by ID you can use the location_ to get messages to other systems. For 3.x systems this is a lot nicer since you have some options for doing lookups by name, ID, which scopes to check, blind addressing options etc... The speed of the GAL lookups in 2.x via the Exchange 5.5 directory was just not up to the task for getting overly fancy with it. You can check out the "Networking Overview" document on the general tools page on for more details on how this all hangs together.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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