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Forwarding Calls

Hi,<br><br>I am certain this has been addressed before, but I searched through the forum for about 1/2 hour & found nothing.<br><br>We are running the latest versions of CallManager & Unity.<br>When an employee leaves our company, we often want ALL of their calls to be forwarded to anothr individual in the same office. When that person does not answer, we want the caller to go to THAT person's voice mail (NOT THE FORMER EMPLOYEE'S Voice mail). <br><br>What is the BEST way to go a about this? I set a dummy phone & forwarded all, busy and no answer to the new extension. This worked find unless the person did not answer. Then it went to the old voice mail. So, then I went into Unity; Subsribers>Greetings and changed "after greeting" to "send caller to Subsriber", "send to greeting for xxxx" & chose the replacement extension. This seemed to work fine last night - but today I come in and instead of going to voice mail the caller gets "This system is temporarily unable to complete your call...."<br><br>Soooo....I went into Event Viewer & found the following message: <br><br>[Thread 0x00000A60] AvCDEConvBase::Run() Possible infinite<br>loop detected in [PHGreeting]; Object =<br>03:cn=ch_KathyMcomber,cn=CallHandlers,cn=Handlers,cn=Unity,ou=TILIA-EXCHANGE,o=Tilia <br><br>Now the strange thing is that if I change the extension that I am forwarding to (I changed it to mine for testing purposes) it works fine, but when I change it back -- same error. Before I spent too much more time on this, I thought I would try to find out what the proper way to go about this would be -- since I am sure it is something that most if not all companies have to deal with.<br><br>Thanks in advance for any help & my apoligies if this has been addressed.<br><br>Eric<br><br>Eric Tipton<br><br>


Re: Forwarding Calls

The infinite loop thing is interesting... did you perhaps have the after greeting action set to go to itself? That's the only time I've seen that... it'll get into a tight spin and after 100 or so iterations it'll bail out with that message.

The best way to do this is to take the departed employee's subscriber account, set the alternate greeting to active (this will over ride all other greetings), set it to play "blank" and set the after greeting action to go to the greeting of another subscriber you want to take messages for this person.

this should do the trick...

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Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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