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Forwarding from a phantom number.

I need to know how (if possible) to forward from a number that is not used by any pysical phone to a cellphone used by or campus security.

I want to use one 4 digit onsite extention for people on our campus to be able to call that will automatically forward to campus securities cell phone number. This way they will not need to dail it as an off location number (9 then the number), all they would have to do is dail XXXX and that extention would forward to the police cell phone.



Re: Forwarding from a phantom number.

This is simple, just enter a translation pattern, or create a phantom phone using a fake mac, and forward all to the cell number.

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Re: Forwarding from a phantom number.

Hello dblain.

The Call Manager program has CTI ports to use for this specific reason.

Anytime you need to add a number with no physical device you can use this device.

The way to do it is to go to Call Manager Administration and the Add A Phone.

where you specify phone type you tell it. CTI PORT.

Then you can add a DN (XXXX) and put it in the same partiotion and calling search space as a phone that has Local Dialing access.

Then in the Forward All Call Location you will put

9xxxxxxx (Security Cell Number)

Hope this Helps



Re: Forwarding from a phantom number.

Yes, this was easyer than I thought it would be.

Both replies are appreciated very much. And big thanks to Pablo for vertually fail proff step through instructions. Most kind of you.

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