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forwarding incoming calls - return call problem

our customer has a serious problem:

it's often the case, that a manager has a meeting and forwards all incoming calls to his secretary. but, if it's an important call, the secretary should return the call back to the manager. but this doesn't work because of the configured forward calls! as a workaround we configured a second dn for the manager, but that's not very feasible at all! the customer uses ccm 3.3(2) spC and i have tested it also with ccm 3.3(3) sr2! any idea's?

thx jochen

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Re: forwarding incoming calls - return call problem

Why is this not feasible? A forwarded line will always forward (assuming things are working correctly). There is no way to override that forward for an individual call, or for calls coming from an individual extension.

Honestly, having a second extension for those managers seems to be the only option. Perhaps make it an enxtension that cannot be dialed from an outside line, thus keeping it internal and private.

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Re: forwarding incoming calls - return call problem

Being able to override a forward/divert from an assistant or switchboard is a common enterprise PBX feature.

The closest you will get with CallManager is to use the IPMA feature and have the manager set a Divert All when busy/in meetings.

It will also require the secretary to use the IPMA console on her PC.



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