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Forwarding voicemails outside the Unity system?

We're running 2.46 (135) TAPI integrated with CM and Exchange 5.5. User wants to forward a voicemail he received in his mailbox via Unity to his home phone answering machine. Since Unity voicemails are really .wav file attachments, this isn't possible, right? Can't find any documentation on this.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Cisco Employee

Re: Forwarding voicemails outside the Unity system?

Not unless that answering machine has an email address : ) It might help to think of Unity voice mails not as email attachments, but as emails. They could set up what we call "Internet Subscribers" which are kinda like place holders for off-box email addresses. You would be able to forward the message to an Internet Subscriber. Here's a link describing them...

On a different note, that user could set up message notification to call his home phone whenever a voice mail message is received. If that user was pretty slick, they could record the phone call at his house when Unity calls to deliver the notification (Unity will play the message over the phone to you).

It's in the "Modifying Subscriber Settings" chapter under "Subscriber Messag Notification Settings".

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