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Full DBImport tool question


We're planning a Unity 2.46/Exchange 5.5 to Unity 3.1/Exchange 2000 migration to take place in a month. I just finished testing in lab, I generated 5 users and used the Full DBExport/Import tools to test.

The export went fine, and the import mostly fine, but I have 2 questions on the import side of the house:

1.) The import tool has a section under the "options" portion of the screen that reads: "Temporary NT password for new users" and a field to enter the password into. What does this mean? Does this mean that all subscribers being imported into the 3.1 system will have their Windows 2000 (not just phone) passwords reset?

Once I completed the import I discovered that the original passwords no longer worked, nor did the temp. one I entered into that field. That's pretty scary.

2.) It appears that the user's recorded names but not their recorded greetings were transfered. Is this normal? I thought everything was supposed to come over except phone passwords.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Full DBImport tool question

1. this is the NT password applied to an account IF we have to create a new one during import. If the account corresponds to an existing account in the directory (which is found by Directory ID, RDN or mail Alias - in that order) then the account is not touched (i.e. we don't reset the password on the account or the like).

I don't know what you mean by the password didn't work... I assure you this works. If you tried to log into NT using a newly created NT account and the password you set there didn't work that's a new problem that hasn't ever been reported before. It might be something like the password not meeting the NT password requirements for the site or something (i.e. it's not long enough) along those lines but you'd normally see user creation errors during import if that were the case. You can check the SQLSyncSvr logs in the commserver\logs directory for any errors - this is the guy that actually does the object creation/binding in the directory.

2. The greetings and recorded names come over. Yes, I can assure you this works. I just did a restore of a 2.4.6 system today from a CD burned by a customer trying to run down a problem - worked like a champ, greetings included.

Make sure you are using the latest versions of the dbExport/Import - you can always get the most up to date versions off - CCO tends to lag a bit. Here's the home page for FullDBExport/Import:

If you continue to have problems with the greetings not matching up, I'd need to look at the import logs.

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