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Hi Guru?s

I observed all the time when I read forums I found mostly question are related to Cisco 7970 background image, I used to ignore that topic because we don?t have such device. But now when we had the device I am not able to add the company logo has a background in Cisco IP 7970.

Sound?s FUNNY.

So I would be grateful if any one send help me out with URL or other resource glimpse.

We have CCM 4.2 ( 1)




After loading the image on the TFTP path, re-start the TFTP service on the Cisco CallManager server.

Creating Custom Background Images

You can provide users with a choice of background images for the LCD screen on their phones. Users can select a background image by choosing Settings > User Preferences > Background Images on the phone.

The image choices that users see come from PNG images and an XML file (called List.xml) that are stored on the TFTP server used by the phone. By storing your own PNG files and editing the XML file on the TFTP server, you can designate the background images from which users can choose. In this way, you can provide custom images, such as your company logo.

The following sections describe how you can customize the background images that are available at your site by creating your own PNG files and editing the List.xml file:

? List.xml File Format Requirements.

? PNG File Requirements for Custom Background Images.

? Configuring a Background Image

List.xml File Format Requirements

The List.xml file defines an XML object that contains a list of background images. The List.xml file is stored in the following folder on the TFTP server:

C:\Program Files\Cisco\TFTPPath\Desktops\320x212x12


Tip If you are manually creating the directory structure and the List.xml file, you must ensure that the directories and files can be accessed by the user\CCMService, which is used by the TFTP service.


The List.xml file can include up to 50 background images. The images are in the order that they appear in the Background Images menu on the phone. For each image, the List.xml file contains one element type, called ImageItem. The ImageItem element includes these two attributes:

?Image?Uniform resource identifier (URI) that specifies where the phone obtains the thumbnail image that will appear on the Background Images menu on a Phone.

?URL?URI that specifies where the phone obtains the full size image.

The following example shows a List.xml file that defines two images. The required Image and URL attributes must be included for each image. The TFTP URI that is shown in the example is the only supported method for linking to full size and thumbnail images. HTTP URL support is not provided.

List.xml Example





This URL should help you:

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