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Further Question on CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

I have several questions on this, hoping that you will give me a clue...

1. Initially I thought message could not be push to multiple IP phones, however, I refer to a cisco partnership company website (I thin it's called where they are able to do the mssg broadcasting under one of their IP telephony services applications. I am wondering if anybody know how to do this. I have a user registered in CM which has all devices associated to it. But, what IP addr should I put to following action if I want it to do broadcasting?

action="<IP addr of IP Phone>/CGI/Execute">

I have tried using (I read it from somewhere else)but it has failed.

2. Can I have more than one <ExecuteItem> within the tag <CiscoIPPhoneExecute> and </CiscoIPPhoneExecute>? If it is possible, when should we add more than one and what will happen to the IP Phone?

3. I am trying to let the user sending their message to IP phone via a simple HTML push application using CiscoIPPhoneExecute XML Parser. I am wondering is there any restriction on how many character that the http:<ip phone addr>/CGI/Execute can accept? I can only submit up to 50 characters and whenever I sent more than that, let it be 51 characters, it prompt me <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="1" />

4. After submitting the message the next html page shows me


The XML page cannot be displayed

Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


Invalid xml declaration. Line 1, Position 46

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><?xml version="1.0"?>



while the IP phone screen displays user input (again, it is only up to 50 character) correctly. Could I know how to eliminate this because it is quite annoying.

Thanks for any suggestion and explaination.

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Re: Further Question on CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

I don't have any direct experience with the BerBee Informacast stuff. I'm pretty sure though, that they are accessing the CM database or using the existing calls to determine a list of IPs to send execute tags to. This would be a requirement to accomplish the selective sending to idle phones.

There is no way to 'broadcast' an html post, so I'm willing to bet they are doing individual posts to all of the phones (possibly in parallel). BTW, is just another valid IP address, nothing special about it.

As for the 50 character limit, can you rely with an example of the code you are using?

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Re: Further Question on CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

Thanks for reply. Could I have further questions such as

1. Can I know which database and which table of the Call Manager storing the users and their device association info ? I failed to find that table.

2. Could you recommend any site which providing programming guides and additional config steps to do(such as ODBC conn) on accessing the SQL7 using Javascript?

3. If possible, could you able to think of a way that how can I do the broadcasting / sending message sequentially (without too much delay) with application written in ASP,Javascript and HTML (as an interface application, provides a text area for the users to enter their message, parse the user entered querystring to an ASP file and then uses HTTP POST method to deliver the content to the IP Phone)?

4. As for the 50 character limit, I really cannot think of why it cannot accept more characters and how to do it another way. Currently, I have ExecuteItem as following


b - variable which stores the Topic of the Message

indexb - counter of total space exist in the Topic

a - variable which stores the Message

indexa - counter of total space exist in Message

It was a bit messy as I combined all the info as one QueryString. I need to use my own 'delimiter' (which is ^*^ in my case) to seprate out the individual content as the IP phone side XML parser cannot accept more than one QueryString. I believe that some of the developers must tried on developing the similar application which pushing the message to the IP Phone, I just want to know is any buffer restriction on this? If I deduct my 'delimiter' from ^*^ to ^ only then I can accept 6 more characters (56 instead of 50).

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Further Question on CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag


have you solved the problem yet?

i tried it with something loke taht:

dim ID, myname

... .asp?nummer=<%=ID%>+name=<%=myname%>

but "name" is also displayed on the phone!


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