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FWD to VoiceMail

Is there a way to forward to voicemail other than the Transfer, Vmail Pilot, Ext #, #2, Transfer Method? Maybe a dummy phone on CallManager that forwards back to Unity and outpulses the extension or something?????<br><br>Network Engineering Associates

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Re: FWD to VoiceMail

To answer my own question, here is what I did... Receptionists were complaining about the long way to transfer right to voicemail...
Here is what I did..

First, I made a dummy phone with the extension 7XXXX and set it up to forward all calls to the voicemail system.

Second, I set up forwarded call routes in active voice for each user, and if the originating station was 7 followed by the 4 digits of a users extension, it would transfer right to their voicemail. I would hope there is a better way to do this, because in a large implementation, this could be ton of call routes, but this is a way to accomplish what we needed to do.

Network Engineering Associates

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