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FXO port not answering

I have an FX0 port setup with mgcp to a cisco call manager (ICS7750 with MRP). The four port FXO card has four trunks plugged in all running in a hunt group. Port 0 is the main number and works for a while after the gateway is rebooted but eventually fails and does not answer calls. The other 3 ports always continue to work when their number is dialed directly. Cisco has sent out an engineer and replaced the PVDMs and the 4 port FXO board and it still has the same issue, anyone else run into a similar problem? thanks for the help in advance!


Re: FXO port not answering

Did you check if the mrp is detecting the ring on the fxo port with the command 'debug vpm all'. You can also enable the "deb voip ccapi inout" to check if the mrp uses the connection plar under the voice port to route the call to an extension and matche the appropriate VOIP dial-peer.Then use the CCM logs on the SPE to see if CCM log receives the call and routes it to an ipphone. These debugs may help you to find the problem.

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Re: FXO port not answering

I am having this same problem using a VIC-4FXO-M1

on a 1760 router with IOS 12.3.2 XA

I have a hunt group from the telco with the first line on port 0/0

port 0/0 seems to get hung sometimes and does not seem to answer. the other ports seem fine

the sho voice call summary, shows ringing

but it never connects

all lines are configured to ring to a unity AA script

all lines except the line on port 0/0 work

I have gone over the config a number of times but it seems fine

I have configured 2 routers like this and they both have the same problem

Anyone seen this before ?

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Re: FXO port not answering

Did you ever get resolution to this problem. I have a 1760-V with VIC2-4FXO cards and I'm having the same problem.

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