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FXO trunks and VOIP

I have configured 2 x 1760 with 2 x fxo modules in one and 2 x fxs modules in the other. I am connecting then via the "connection trunk" method which seems to work.

The problem occurs if i connect the 2 ports on the same fxo module I only get dial tone on one(port 0). If I then remove working connection I then get dial tone on the other(port 1). If I then plug the first one back into port 0. I lose the dialtone of port 1.

If i have both of them connected across different modules in the same unit, it works fine.

I need to know two have all port connected and working independently.

New Member

Re: FXO trunks and VOIP

THhs is probably a wiring issue. Ensure that the patch cable (Rj11) only uses the middle 2 pins (3&4) . Port 0 of the FXO/FXS modules also have port 1 presented on pinns 2&5

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Re: FXO trunks and VOIP

Many thanks for the info, your advice was very helpful and resolved the problem


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