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FXO vs module for E1 cannel

Hi guys;

As we know FXO is an analog access gateway and there are other of modules carrying E1 digital channel,my question is that I need to know:

what scenarios in which I should use FXO and what scenarios I should use E1 module?

if I have a CCM and I want to call PSTN when should I use an FXO to the PSTN and does this FXO have any impact on any feature I get from CCM, in other words, do I get all the features for CCM?

when should I use an a module carrying E1 to the PSTN?

I hope I could present the idea clearly

thanks in advance

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Re: FXO vs module for E1 cannel

FXO is singe line connection to PSTN where E1 is 30 digital voice channels providing for up to 30 conurrent calls.

It comes down to how many lines you need for your PSTN connectivity, typically whenever you need to 12-14 channels it is more affordable to get T1/E1 instead of 12 individual lines, as well as you would require more real estate on the router to put 3-4 4 port FXO cards instead of single or dual E1 card.

You also get more features with E1-PRI such as clid, calling name, RDNIS, etc.

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Re: FXO vs module for E1 cannel

thanks for clarification,

as I know now the difference between FXO and digital module for E1 is:

1> the number of channels and this depends on our requirements.

2> other features supported when using E1 rather than FXO,

what I need now exactly however, what are all the features that will be supported when using E1 and not supported when using FXO's, and can you please send me a link in which I find a list of those featues...

appreciate ur help


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