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FXS and FXO configuration and design help

hi all...

i am new to voip configuration... and i have to configure the voip for our branch office... we have 2610 with the 2FXS and 2FXO prot... now i have one pulblic IP address which is used by my local lan user...and we have configured NAT/PAT on our VPN concerntrator... now we are looking to establish the VOIP phone (analogphone with the help of FXO and FXS) we have ASTRIK server at our main office and i want to register my local office analog phone with server at our main office... now what kind of configuration we need on our 2610 in order to configure voip...


ADSL connection form ISP---VPN 3005---D-Link nonmanagable swithch---LAN

at present we have above connectivity and now i want to add my 2610 router with analogphone connected to it... how can i connect and how can i configure it...?




Re: FXS and FXO configuration and design help

you need to configure pots and voip dialPeers for the incoming/outgoing legs of the calls.

pots dialPeers will be used for the FXO/FXS ports. voip dialPeers will be used for connection to ASTERISK voip pbx.

you need voice port configuration for your FXS to connect to your analogPhone.

you need voice port configuration for your FXO to connect to analog pstn. (if you have any)

see these links for more info:

there are plenty of examples throughout these for reference.

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