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FXS and G729 ith CM 3.12

1. scenario is FXS-g/w-cm-IPP.

In dial-peer g729 codec has been set.

GGateway is H.323. CallManager is 3.12c. IPPhone is 7960. Within the region Codec G729 has been set. Now everything is on G729. But it doesn't works. When someone speaks from Analog phone, on IP Phone we can hear Noice only. Other way is also same.

With G711 there are no issues at all.

I suppose that G729 should work in this case. Can somebody help me in resolving this issue.

2. I am doing Distributed Call Processing.

CM(A)-VPN conc.3000--Internet--Router-PC(2)-CM(B)

CM(A)has network of

PC(2) is having two NICs. One NIC has been assigned Global IP and other(callmanager end) private IP .

VPN Client has been configured on this PC and it connects with VPN Conc. providing Local IP of network. I am able to ping to CM(A) but surprisingly not to CM(B), which is on LAN. LAN Connectivity is not an issue.

In Nut Shell I want IP Phones of both sides should talk using VPN client...Is it possible ?

Please guide.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: FXS and G729 ith CM 3.12 is 3.1(2)c

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