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FXS port tuning for BUSY signal

Does anyone here have any experience tuning the busy tone duration of the FXS port? I tried searching the docs but I cannot find anything specific. I have the fxs hooked up to an fxs/fxo converter that takes the fxs's busytone and tunes the converter so the fxs port can be used like an fxo port for outside calls. The FXO/FXS converter uses ITU compliant busy tones. I have the unit working but after a call is made the unit does not release the port because it does not properly detect the fxs's busy tone either quickly enough or long enough. For those interested the FXO/FXS converter is located at and it is priced decently..

I am going nuts searching the docs. I am looking for a way if possible for an immediate busy signal once a call is disconnected.

Any tips or ideas would be appreciated..



Re: FXS port tuning for BUSY signal

You can use the CPTONE voice port command to change the country tones, this will also change frequencies and cadences for the various call progress tones such as ringback , busy etc ... You may have to try multiple different country settings until you find the right one.

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