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I have a remote site that is connected via a wireless Aeronet Bridge 10Mbs. This site has approximatly 25 users. Everything is working ok but all the calls made use G711 codec.

I would like to know how I can program the Phones 7960, 7940 or the Call Manager (3.0.11) to Used Codec G729 for all calls from this remote site.

I would like to keep using G711 codec on the Main site , but would like some more feedback as to what the voice quality is like if I decide to use G729 on all calls.

Any Suggestions or Ideas are very much welcomed.

New Member

Re: G729 CODEC

You would configure this in Call Manager. I would use Regions to specify the codecs used between sites. As an example, Chicago (hub) uses G711 for calls with phones at Chicago. (We don't care about 80k calls over Ethernet) From Chicago to St. Louis (goes over a WAN) we only have a 64k circuit, therefore 1 call would comsume the whole link. So here is where you create a region for St Louis and configure call manager such that Calls from St Louis to Chicago will use G729 and calls local at St Louis use G711. Also, I'll add that its important to know the company's call patterns. If they have heavy call patterns between offices, this may be a good business reason to bump up the speed of your WAN links.....If they mostly call out of their local gateway, then configuring G729 may not be an issue. As a rule of thumb, for the best voice quality, use G711 wherever possible.

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Re: G729 CODEC

i personally cannot tell the difference between G.729 or G.711. Remember however you will lose conferencing ability unless you have a transcoder.

Not sure if a hardware conference bridge would fix this or not. Someone in the forum could probably answer this.

Cisco Employee

Re: G729 CODEC

You could use a hardware transcoder with a software conference bridge... or you could just use a hardware conference bridge.

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