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** G729a Troubleshooting Guide **

Overview:<br>This guide will be helpful in diagnosing problems with G.729 in the Unity-CallManager 3.0 integration. <br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Installing G.729 on the Unity server:<br><br>Required Versions:<br>AvCisco Tsp or later.<br>Unity2.4.5 or later.<br><br>1. The following registry setting needs to be created on the Unity server.<br>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\AvSkinny<br>"G729 Enabled"=dword:00000001<br><br>2. The following codec needs to be installed.<br>\CommServer\Utilities\sl_g729a_setup.exe<br>The computer needs to be rebooted before this install takes affect.<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Unity Trouble Shooting<br><br>Once G.729 has been installed, do the following to test the G.729 configuration on the Unity server.<br>1a. On Win2k Go to "Control Panel"->"Phone and Modem Options"->"Advanced tab"<br>1b. On Nt4.0 Go to "Control Panel"->"Telephony"->"Telephony Driver's tab"<br>2. Select the Av-Cisco Service Provider<br>3. Hit the "Configure..." button.<br>4. Hit the "Reset" button.<br><br>You will see at least two events in the application event log per port when you do this. One will be a warning saying that the AvCiscoTsp has been disconnected from the CallManager. The other will be a informational event saying that the port has connected to the CallManager.<br><br>1. If you see events saying that G.729 has been enabled, then your Unity is configured correctly. The problem is with your CallManager or gateway configuration. Go to the "CallManager and Gateway Trouble Shooting" sections. <br>2. If you don't see any G.729 messages in the event log then the registry setting mentioned in the install section has not been set properly.<br>3. If you see an error event saying that the codec has not been installed, then follow the instructions mentioned above for installing the "sl_g729a_setup.exe" and make sure the computer has been rebooted. <br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>CallManager and Gateway Trouble Shooting<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Audio Problems.<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Symptom:<br>You can call Unity through a gateway, but you get garbled audio. <br><br>Possible Problems:<br>The gateway is setup to use the wrong codec. <br><br>Fix:<br>It needs to be set to use G729R8.<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Symptom:<br>You can call Unity, but you don't hear any audio or you get one way audio. You cannot record for example. <br><br>Possible Problems:<br>The network setup is preventing the RTP packets from going through. <br><br>Very:<br>This should happen with G.729 and G.711 data.<br><br>Try to ping from Unity to the phone or gateway. Try to ping Unity from a computer in the same subnet as the phone or gateway. If either of these don't go through then you have a network problem. If there is a firewall in between the two, then make sure UDP packets to and from ports 19000 and above can get through. If you are using a firewall and the audio is not getting through, you will probably want to use a packet sniffer. <br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Connection problems:<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Symptoms:<br>When calling from a gateway, the call rings but is dropped as soon as it is answered. This does not occur when calling from a 7960/7940 phone.<br><br>Possible Problems:<br>The gateway is using H323v1 protocol and is set to use G.711 codec but the region only allows a G.729 calls to go through. <br><br>Fix:<br>Set the gateway to use G729R8. The CallManager will let G.729 calls through even in G.711 regions. You might be able to install a Media Transfer Agent on the CallManager server. You also might be able to use a gateway that supports MGCP, Skinny or H323v2.<br><br><br>Aaron Belcher<br>Software Engineer<br>Active Voice<br><br>

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