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Gatekeeper Accounting Radius

Did anybody successfully retrived accounting from Cisco Gatekeeper with Radius ?

I am curious about configuration.

We are unable to get rigth accounting from the Gatekeeper, actually it is sending just all session time and not sending H323- time connect and H323-time disconnect parameters.

So, it is counting incorrectly, let's say if phone is busy or nobody is answered the phone, it still will send info to RADIUS and will count minutes...

At this moment we are unable to retrive accounting from remote gateways, because some of them don't belong to us.

The point is to successfully retrive accounting from Gatekeeper.

We have tried all IOS's, like 12.2.XB1, 12.2.4T, 12.2.4T1, but with no success:

Here is config :

System image file is "flash:c3640-ix-mz.122-4.T1.bin"

aaa new-model


aaa authentication login h323 group radius

aaa authorization exec h323 group radius

aaa accounting update newinfo

aaa accounting network default stop-only group radius

aaa accounting connection h323 stop-only group radius

aaa session-id unique

radius-server host auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646

radius-server retransmit 3

radius-server key 7 122323231913185C0A2328

radius-server vsa send accounting


zone local ny1

zone prefix ny1 *

accounting vsa

gw-type-prefix 1#*

lrq forward-queries

I will appreciate any help or suggestions, how to solve it.

IF you have make it working please send example of configuration.



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Re: Gatekeeper Accounting Radius

Gatekeeper accounting won't do it for you. Try gw-accounting h323 command and use gateway accounting. It will give you correct connect/disconnect times and would solve the problems with busy/etc.. calls. Note that it'd send you the the connect time by radius UPDATE message. I've implemented that and it works fine.

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Re: Gatekeeper Accounting Radius

My problem is that we don't have control to all Cisco gateways, we have to couple but it's not enough for us. Let's say we don't have access to our providers gateway, you know nobodoy will provide you

with such access for accounting, therefore we are looking for Cisco solution.

From other side, we have some remote non-Cisco H.323 terminals registered with our gatekeeper, how to get this accounting ?

I've heard that if I will create 2 zone's on my gatekeeper and will turn on Proxy option, somehow it will help ...

Did anybody implemneted accounting on Cisco Gatekeeper ?

Guys, let me know please ..



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