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New Member

Gatekeeper endpoint timeouts

Hi There, I am curious where or if I can set a timeout on end points that register with the gatekeeper, or if I can manually unregister an endpoint.

I have an ios 3640 gatekeeper in a dynamic ip environment. If the lease times out on the host, the gatekeeper does not release the ip. The host then tries to re-register with the gatekeeper with the new ip. The gatekeeper blocks the request because it still has the same cached username and the last ip of the host before the lease timed out.

I get a "name already exists, please use a different username" error.

Any idea's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Network admin

New Member

Re: Gatekeeper endpoint timeouts

The IOS GK allows youto set a ttl value for registrations. By default I believe this is set to 60 minutes. So if an H.323 terminal were to disconnect from a network without sending a DRQ to the GK, the entry would exist through the remainder of the default ttl. It is recommended you change the ttl value to 60 seconds and this should solve the problem you're seeing.

Cisco Employee

Re: Gatekeeper endpoint timeouts

This is true, however you will need a minimum code rev of 12.1(5)XM, I don't think the T train has the endpoint ttl command....

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