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Gatekeeper license

Is a gatekeeper license necessary in situation where ATA's in 10 different locations need to inter communicate? Can we not only do it by having a 2600 at head office loaded with IOS image "ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM"?

In our scenario 10 ATAs will be pointing to a 26xx router with above mentioned IOS image for all call routing. is it possible ???

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Re: Gatekeeper license

Gatekeeper is a optionbal solution. With 10 ATAs you will have to creat dialplans to point the calls to the ATAs on your 2600. It is do able what you want to do without the Gatekeeper.

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Re: Gatekeeper license

What we need is that the 10 ATAs should be able to call each other and for that we are using 26xx. 26xx will perform call routing and also act as a voice gateway in head office.

Please confirm that we can achive this with just the dial plans in 26xx!!


Re: Gatekeeper license

You cannot use the 2600 as a voice gateway as well as for call routing. Currently Cisco routers cannot tandem IP calls as well as act as traditional TDM gaeways. You will need a gatekeeper for this solution. The gatekeeper is a bundled IOS feature for which you will need to download the H323 feature set.

You can use the 2600 gateway as a gateeeper as well as a voice gateway with the Enterpise/H323 feature set.



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Re: Gatekeeper license

Thats fine we need a gatekeeper, agreed!!

One last thing ... do we only need this IOS "enterprise/H323 MCM" or we also need any gatekeeper feature license? There will be always less than 10 simultaneous calls in this solution!!

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