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Gatekeeper OIDs


I am running IOS version 12.2(2)T on my gatekeeper. I'd like to extract a

list of currently registered endpoints on demand using SNMP from a

command line tool. Most likely snmpget. Can anyone forward me the

OIDs I need to get this information? I am not interested in a historical

list of endpoints. I want the list of currently registered endpoints.



New Member

Re: Gatekeeper OIDs

I don't believe you can extract current registrations via SNMP. Cisco supports an API to the IOS GK called GKTMP which allows you to pull this data

New Member

Re: Gatekeeper OIDs

Do you know if this functionality will ever be supported via SNMP? Also, do you have

a sample of code that shows how to pull this information from the API?

New Member

Re: Gatekeeper OIDs

There is a MIB (available from Cisco) you can browse to extract the endpoints registration information but it works a little strange - it gives a history of registration/unregistration events (Tandberg endpoints are going to screw it because they unregister/register after each call). You can set how many events you want to get (using SNMP SET on the same MIB) but there is a max restriction.

I'm doing it using a perl script that goes to each GK via TELNET every 5 minutes, gets the info and parsers it - much easy and cleaner.

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