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Gatekeeper to gateway calling number

Our VoIP network is developed with a CISCO gatekeeper (2600) and an INALP gateway.

Everything is working OK except for one thing: when a call is routed by the gatekeeper from our network to the PSTN through the gateway the calling number doesn't reach the gateway. The other way works fine, what makes me think that the problem comes from the gatekeeper.

That problem doesn't allow the calling DDI to be seen on our PSTN provider, making impossible to do the billing for each DDI.

Thanks in advance,

Jorge Carneiro


Re: Gatekeeper to gateway calling number

Often times complex troubleshooting issues are best addressed in an interactive session with one of our trained technical assistance engineers. While other forum users may be able to help, it’s often difficult to do so for this type of issue.

To utilize the resources at our Technical Assistance Center, please visit and to open a case with one of our TAC engineers, visit

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

New Member

Re: Gatekeeper to gateway calling number

I discovered that the problem only occured when making calls whith netmeeting. With Cisco ATA 186 or other IP Phone (NICstel) it works.

Do I have a way to force Netmeeting to send its ID or the Gatekeeper to complete the information once it knows who made the call?


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