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gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager


My tcp 1720 port is bound to a gatekeeper trunk and i also need to use h.323 gateway not via the gatekeeper.

can they be used on the same server somehow ? currently the tcp connection coming from the gateway is refused.


Cisco Employee

Re: gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager

Your gateway should be able to send calls to the CCM directly too. The only problem is when you have the same ip address for the GK and the GW. You cannot configure it on the CCM. If you can setup another routable loopback interface on the router, try to use that for GW calls.

CMM will be able to accept direct calls too. However, CMM does not accept calls arbitrarily. You need to have the H323 GW configured in CCM. It does not accept calls from any GW.

Community Member

Re: gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager

Thanks, but I think we talk about different things.

I dedicated my 1720 port to the gatekeeper by defining the service parameters:

"Device Name of GK-controlled Trunk that will use Port 1720".

"Host Name/IP Address of GK that will use RAS UDP Port 1719".

And when telneting from the gateway to the callmanager it doesn't get connected.

gw and gk are_not on the same ip address or device.

Any thoughts?

Cisco Employee

Re: gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager

Kfir, I now understand what you have done, but I think I need to understand what you are trying to accomplish.. First of all, whey did you put this info in the Service parameters? The reason I ask this question is because there is no need for this to be designed. If you setup a GK/ Gk trunk/ GW, the Call manager will use the ports it needs to.. Is there a reason you are trying to force it to use a particular port?

Have you tried to just remove the information you put in the service parameters, and just configure your GW/GK/Trunks and see if it works?




Re: gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager


I work with kfir on this one and the service parameter is required by the gatekeeper manager (the international service provider), probablly because they static alias our call manager.

Do you know of any solution to it, or should we go back and tell them it's impossible to implement this config ?


Cisco Employee

Re: gateway and gatekeeper on same callmanager

Hmm No, Avner. I think that might be a problem.

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