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Gateway fail to register

I an working on the lab and trying this scema:

3640, 2621, 2612. All on one ethernet segment.

2612 work as gatekeeper ( 8 flash + 48 ram). This is not enough but it is just for test. So I download software from tftp. I have messages thae gatekeeper overloaded....

I can make register one gw to gk. But second give me this message:

%CCH323-2-GTWY_REGSTR_FAILED: Gateway R5 failed to register with Gatekeeper GK-ZB even after 2 retries

If I do " no gateway" on registered gw that it unregister and another one register at the moment....

What could it be?


Re: Gateway fail to register

The output of the Error Message Decoder for the particular error message you have is in the link below. Recommended action is also included in it. Check this out:

Regarding the use of 'no gateway' command, I am not very sure of it. Anybody having configured the same?

Community Member

Re: Gateway fail to register

Hi levter, first check if the voip id configured on ethernet interface of gateway match with the zone of gatekeeper.

(h323-gateway voip id zoneOfgk ipaddr ip.of.gk).

If this is ok, try to add this line to all of your dial-peer pots in the gateways:


dial-peer voice xxx pots

no register e164



Ezequiel Colombo


Community Member

Re: Gateway fail to register

Thank you to all who did reply.

I solve it.

It was just wrong software...

I had right config...

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