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Gateway playing MOH on remote branch ?


Is it possible that the branch gateway plays MOH to internal and PSTN users put on hold ?

I have heard that multicast MOH feature could work the following way : no multicast routing on the WAN, the gateway answers to multicast requests instead of the CCM, the gateway must have the audio file on its flash.

I have no configuration details though ??


Re: Gateway playing MOH on remote branch ?

Some of the following documents are very helpful in the MoH configurations. I don't think you can store the audio files on the flash. The audio streams can be stored on the local server or a TFTP server remotely. The path to the Audio sorce should be configured on the Call Manager. Hence when, one of them is on hold, in a call, the music is played by the Call manager retrieving the audio file from the source path.The audio streams are stored in either tftp server or on the local disk as far as I know.And I am not sure of the gateway playing the music . Anyone knows this?

Multicasting is surely possible. The configuration for multicasting is as given in the documents below. An example on this can be found at:

Music On Hold Configuration

Music On Hold -Multicast and Unicast Audio Sources

Media Resource Group Configuration

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Re: Gateway playing MOH on remote branch ?

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Re: Gateway playing MOH on remote branch ?

Hi, thanks for the interesting reply. But ITS is only to be used with branch offices without permanent connection to centralized CallManager. We want to keep on managing all telephony components from the centralized CCM. Would it be possible that the ITS router plays MOH to PSTN end-users even if the IP Phones are not registered with itself ?

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Re: Gateway playing MOH on remote branch ?

I'm not aware of any supported solution from cisco that will do this apart from Dedicated MOH server(IP voice media streaming)service installed.

When using centralized models even with distrobuted call processing your going to gobble up the bandwidth when streaming MOH from the centralized site somtimes not an issue but in a lot of network it is.

I think a cost effective central solution for remote sites should be forthcoming

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