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Getting system messages in subsciber mailbox

I am running a Unity 3.02 installation (VM only)on a MCS-7825 and I have a user who receives the message "sorry you are having trouble, please call extension 201" 20-25 times a day. This is a system message and there is not an ext. 201 configured. I have checked all of my call handlers, unaddressed messages and so on to ensure that this user was not the configured recipient for these messages (the example administrator is the default). I have ran DBwalker and only one error came up and that was for ESubscriber "This subscriber may be 'stranded' by an improper uninstall of a previous Unity system or it may be 'sharing' a primary call handler with one or more other subscribers. If you select the 'Remove subscriber properties on mail users that have no primary call handlers' option and run again this user can be reimported to Unity." This does not seem to be relevant to the problem I am having for my end user (configured as a default subscriber). In addition, this is a fresh install and not an upgrade. I have thought about changing her voice mailbox number, but I wanted to diagnose the problem before I performed a workaround.<br><br>Any ideas?<br><br><br>


Re: Getting system messages in subsciber mailbox

not sure what you mean by this is a "system message"... there's no system generated message that would say "sorry, you're having trouble, please call extension 201". Is this a voice mail message left in his inbox or is the system calling him with a notification delivery or the like?

If it's a voice mail message, which account is it being sent from? Any chance someone configured the Error Notification Utility to delivery a message along those lines when an event fires in the event log? You might check it out (the ENU admin utility can be found under the Unity program group). Off the top of my head this is the only thing that comes to mind unless I'm misunderstanding the description.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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