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Getting the IP address from a phone


we have the problem that we want to post some information to the IP phones. In a formular you write the DN name and the text and the message should pop up at the right phone. How is it possible to get the ip address from the database or something else (DHCP ?).

We have CCM 3.2.1 and are using java servlets to write our apps.

Would be great if someone have a hint how to get the IP address

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Re: Getting the IP address from a phone

Both Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Boot P are supported.

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Re: Getting the IP address from a phone

You could query the Call Manager database, but keep in mind that a single DN can exist on multiple phones (or VG248). How are you posting to the phone?

If you are using the Idle URL, you could set the Idle URL for each phone to grab a specific url such as http://server/idles/Extension1234.xml. Then use your java applets to update the idle url. With a short refresh time, the message would get posted reasonably quick.

Or am I just unaware of some other method to push info to the phone?

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Re: Getting the IP address from a phone

HI, thanks for your answers.

1. It is not that easy to "ask" the DHCP Database to get the information.

2. there is no relation in the CCM Database between the DN and the IP address, only in the CDR Database.

But now maybe i have my solution.

We ask the Cisco CallManager with SNMP and get a table back with all DN and the IP Address. That's no the only way i know.

We are not using the idle url, we are using the IPPhoneExecute command to post a message to the phone. Our problem was to know the actual IP address from the phone when we have the DN.

Yes we know that there could be on more than one phones the same DN, but we hope that both phones belangs to the same user so that is is ok when on both phones the message appears.

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Re: Getting the IP address from a phone


Actually you will need a TAPI listener. this tapi listner will get you all the information which you want about phone (i.e IP ADDRESS,PORT,CALLER ID). to get IP Address of phone you will have to you CISCO extensions.

To write TAPI programming you should have good knowledge in C/C++.


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